The woodwind and brass programme usually comprises 15 trumpets and 15 clarinets. The two instruments are very different in the way that they played, so for example if a child finds if difficult to produce a sound on a trumpet they may well find the clarinet embouchure (the French word for forming your lip muscles to play a wind or brass instrument) more suitable.

Two tutors, one teaching clarinet and the other teaching trumpet, will lead the class through the programme. The 30 sessions include trying out both instruments and discovering which one is most suitable for individuals. All participants will learn to read music, have opportunities to sing, engage in rhythm work, discover the power of improvisation and composition, develop listening skills and combine those with the team work required to play in an ensemble. Performance is also an important part and regular opportunities will be made for other pupils in the school, parents and governors to see and hear how the aspiring young musicians are progressing. As both the trumpet and clarinet feature in a variety of genres the children will be able to explore classical, jazz and the popular repertoire.  

We also encourage both the class teachers and teaching assistants to learn an instrument along with their class. This is inspiring for the children in the class and great fun for the adults too. Some have even decided to continue playing and have discovered a real love for music themselves.

A number of after school ensembles will be set up across Islington for pupils who wish to continue to learn and play their instrument after the one year programme.