We offer a number of different whole class or large group percussion programmes, the most popular of these are Samba and African drumming. However we can tailor a programme and find a tutor to suit the needs of your school and any instruments you may have. We often work in partnership with Beat Goes On


As well as covering the techniques required to play the various percussion instruments, the sessions will cover simple rhythm games that build to complex polyrhythms, call and response patterns, leading the group and playing as part of an ensemble. Creativity is also encouraged and the children will have the opportunity to compose their own rhythmic pieces of music.

Regardless of which part of the world the rhythms comes from, they are usually accompanied by song. Vocal work is incorporate in to the programme and the group will learn to sing the traditional songs linked with the rhythms as well as create songs themselves.


World Percussion can be a lively way to engage a group of children. We can also offer percussion workshops for your staff and no previous musical experience is necessary. In just an hour or two your staff will be able to play together as an ensemble. It can make a great team building session for teaching and non-teaching staff.