The guitar can be taught individually or in small groups. It is one of the most versatile instruments equally at home playing Bach or the blues. There are many methods of teaching the guitar and our tutors try to incorporate the best of these in to their sessions. Students will learn to play chords and melodies, accompany others and take the lead, sing songs, read both standard and tablature notation, improvise and compose their own music.

The ukulele is smaller than the guitar and has only four strings (the guitar has six). Due to the way that the ukulele is tuned it is very easy to play chords straight away. Most students, no matter what age, are often able to play a simple song after just one lesson. This has led to the ukulele become popular as starter instrument. While the progress of the children is faster in individual or small group lessons, it is possible to teach the ukulele in larger groups with successful results.